Welcome to the July edition of our monthly stats update for all our local partner sites. This update covers statistics for 1st-31st July 2017.

Local platform reach

In July there were over 175,000 visits to the platform and over 135,000 visitors.

The busiest day for the platform was Friday 28th July, which saw over 8,100 visitors access local partner sites. The quietest was Saturday 8th July, when just over 1,200 visitors accessed local partner sites.

Chart for top 20 partners July 2017

Biggest movers

  • Age UK Isle of Wight who moved up 44 places from 53 to 9.
  • Age UK Salford who moved up 26 places from 106 to 80.
  • Age UK Barnsley who moved up 25 places from 114 to 89.
  • Age UK Devon who moved up 24 places from 73 to 49.
  • Age UK Sheffield who moved up 17 places from 58 to 41.

Top referrals from Facebook

These URLs shared on Facebook directed the most number of people towards local partner sites in July.

  • Age UK Wigan Borough’s jobs page which had 217 sessions from Facebook.
  • Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland’s Big Knit page which had 156 sessions from Facebook.
  • Age UK Cheshire’s volunteering page which had 126 sessions from Facebook.
  • Age UK Isle of Wight’s vacancies page which had 114 sessions from Facebook.
  • Age UK Derby and Derbyshire’s jobs page which had 95 sessions from Facebook.

Sessions means users who have engaged with your website.

Top Referrals from Twitter

These URLs shared on Twitter directed the most number of people towards local partner sites in July.

  • Age UK Oxfordshire’s homepage with 24 sessions from Twitter.
  • Age UK Gateshead’s job vacancies page 21 sessions from Twitter.
  • Age UK Solihull’s  jobs page with 20 sessions from Twitter.
  • Age UK London scams page with 18 sessions from Twitter.
  • Age UK Exeter’s volunteering page with 17 sessions from Twitter.

Over 1 million people reached via So Ampli in July!

The partners using So Ampli reached over 1.2 million people via social media in July – a huge increase on the 200,000 people reached in June – with over 2,099 click throughs from social media to local partner websites.

You too can get free social media content from So Ampli, Age UK’s platform for partners to share and use social media content quickly and easily, great if you don’t have a lot of resource for managing your social media.

Sign up to So Ampli or find out more.


Glossary of terms

  • user: a visitor to your site
  • sessions: each visit an individual makes to your site
  • page views: number of pages viewed by all visitors
  • referrals: a link that refers users from one site to another (for example, a link on a facebook page to your website)