Partner Portal Leaderboard

Here is the list showing all the Local Partner Age UK’s who have published the Portal data pages on their website, and the date they went live.

Age UK Local ParterDate of publishingServicesActivities & EventsShops
19Enfield30 JuneEnfield Services
18Manchester23 June 2022Manchester ServicesManchester Shops
17Barnet23 June 2022Barnet Services
16Norfolk22 June 2022Norfolk ServicesNorfolk Shops
15Lindsey21 June 2022Lindsey ServicesLindsey shops
14Faversham & Sittingbourne17 June 2022Faversham & Sittingbourne Services
13Bath & North East Somerset16 June 2022Age UK Bath & North East Somerset Services
12North Tyneside14 June 2022North Tyneside Services
11Leicester Shire & Rutland10 June 2022Leicester Shire & Rutland ServicesLeicester Shire & Rutland Shops
10Plymouth10 June 2022Plymouth Services
9Cheshire1 June 2022Cheshire ServicesCheshire Shops
8Carlisle and Eden26 May 2022Carlisle and Eden ServicesCarlisle and Eden Shops
7Islington26 May 2022Islington Service
6Herefordshire and Worcestershire19 May 2022Herefordshire and Worcestershire Services
5Worcester Malvern Hills25 August 2021Worcester Malvern Hills ServicesWorcester Malvern Hills Shops
4Bristol24 August 2021Bristol Services
3Sunderland16 July 2021Sunderland ServicesSunderland Shops
2Lancashire14 July 2021Lancashire ServicesLancashire Shops
1Wiltshire8 July 2021Wiltshire servicesWiltshire events

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