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Partners Merging or Leaving the Network

If Brand Partners merge or are in the position of leaving the network, there are various issues that will need to be addressed in terms of websites or social media.  These issues would only need to be addressed after any official decision has been reached with partnership affairs. Mergers Guidance Closures Guidance Mergers Website If […]

Webinar support sessions

Join the webinar Past Webinars To take part in the the online webchat session you will have to to have recieved an email invite. You will also need speakers or earphones; most mobile phone earphones are suitable for this purpose and generally have a microphone if needed. To join the webinar: The webinar will be […]

Security and SSL certification

Websites use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure all communications between their servers and web browsers. When any website uses SSL then the beginning of its web address changes from HTTP to HTTPS. Age UK website The national Age UK website will be served over HTTPS when it relaunches later this year. Brand Partner websites […]

Using your browser to preview responsive content

Responsive content automatically resizes to fit the screen it’s being viewed on. This means that on mobile and tablet devices the layout of the page can be a little different.

Copying and pasting from Word – why not?

Word Processors like Microsoft Word are really useful when you’re creating content for your website, but why shouldn’t you copy and paste from Word into Episerver?


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