Websites use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure all communications between their servers and web browsers. When any website uses SSL then the beginning of its web address changes from HTTP to HTTPS.

Age UK website
The national Age UK website will be served over HTTPS when it relaunches later this year.

Brand Partner websites
All brand partners under the domain (eg who have upgraded when the Age UK site relaunches will be updated to use HTTPS at the same time.

I have upgraded, what do I have to do?
If you have upgraded and published to the new brand partner CMS then the changeover will automatically apply and you won’t have to do anything.

I have not upgraded to the new CMS
We are not sure at this point whether it is definitely possible for the non-upgraded sites to adopt the SSL. It is something we will be looking to test over the coming weeks. In this instance you will stay as HTTP until you upgrade.

Because of this change, you may notice that some of the videos you have embedded on your site are no longer playing. If this happens you need to go into the code (click the ‘html’ button) of the page and add and add an ‘s’ after http (eg needs to change to

If you have any questions, please contact us