Google analytics

Web analytics dashboard

Once your website has been upgraded and is live on the new CMS, Partner content* will provide you with a link to a custom web analytics dashboard, with your key website statistics. The dashboard will give you an instant insight into how your website is performing: How many users are visiting your site Which pages […]

Accessing your Google Analytics account

If you have lost the account details for Google Analytics, or want to be added as a user, this page tells you how. Recover a Google Analytics account Add a user to a Google Analytics account Other resources you may find helpful   1.    Access your Google Analytics Step one: You will need to know […]

Tracking campaigns with Google Analytics

If you decide to use paid online advertising, campaign tracking is a good way of finding out how effective your adverts have been. Creating a tracking URL How to track your URL Other resources you may find useful   Creating a tracking URL By editing the page URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to include some tracking […]

Understanding how your website performs with Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tool to help you find out more about how many people visit your website, what they do when they get there, and what type of people they are. Getting started Our training courses Excluding internal visits from your stats What to look for on a monthly basis Additional training and […]

Understanding visitor journeys with Google Analytics

The visitor journey is the route that each visitor takes through your site. It begins at the ‘entry page’ (the first page that a visitor comes to – this will usually be the homepage) and can take any route through your site until the visitor leaves through the ‘exit page’. Video on user journeys How […]

Understanding your users with Google Analytics

If you understand who is using your website, you can ensure that your content is relevant. Google Analytics is a free web stats tool that can help you find out more about your website users. If you’re not currently using Google Analytics you may want to read our guide to Google Analytics first. In this […]

Using Google Ad Grants

Google Grants are available to members of Google’s Non-profit programme. Find out more about Google Ads and how your organisation could benefit from over £6,000 a month in free advertising with Google Grants.


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