If Brand Partners merge or are in the position of leaving the network, there are various issues that will need to be addressed in terms of websites or social media.  These issues would only need to be addressed after any official decision has been reached with partnership affairs.



If two or more partners merge then there a few considerations regarding the agreed new name, and any URL change.  Once agreed with partnership affairs Partner Marketing will create the new logos.

Network Digital Team will then be informed that the name has changed and we will work with the new or lead Local Age UK and Partnership affairs to define a web address that is suitable, taking into account SEO and brand issues. Options would be

    1.  a new blank template  site,
    2.  duplicate of either partner 1/ partner2 to build new site on
    3.  or rename one site (partner 1) and to redirect all the traffic from the other site (partner 2) to that

Should you be in the process of merging please contact us

Social media

We have put together some guidance for your social media channnels in the instance that you are merging or leaving the Network

Facebook: Merger

Twitter: Merger



If partners are leaving the network they will have been in discussion with Partnership Affairs to finalise. Once all the details are agreed with partnership affairs, Network Digital Team will be informed that the partner is leaving.

We will be led by Partnership affairs to define the messaging to for the website, and whether we will signpost to the new organisation, taking into account SEO and brand issues.

However should you be in the process of leaving the network please contact us

Social media

Facebook: Closures

Twitter: Closures