CMS upgrade

Join the Age UK Digital and Technology User group

Would you like to help develop the Digital and Technology products that Age UK launch for partners and service users?! This can include the partner website and improve features and functionality. Sometimes we might need you to fill out a survey, or we may come and visit for a few hours and take you through […]

Webinar support sessions

Join the webinar Past Webinars To take part in the the online webchat session you will have to to have recieved an email invite. You will also need speakers or earphones; most mobile phone earphones are suitable for this purpose and generally have a microphone if needed. To join the webinar: The webinar will be […]

CMS upgrade redirects

When you have built your upgraded site in the new CMS, you will need to work out your redirects. To do this, look at your contents and redirects tab on the live pages list in your google drive.   No change in page web address/ URL To find out what the new url is, use […]

Review and rationalise your content – new video guidance

If you’re not sure how to start reviewing and rationalising your content for the new CMS, this short video (less than two minutes) shows you a simple and visual technique that may help. (This video doesn’t have sound.) Please also see our written guidance to help you with rationalising your content.  

External resources

We work with a variety of organisations that can help to support the digital needs of the network. Below we list organisations that can supply paid for services for partners. This is not designed as a recommendation, and you do not have to use these providers; however if you don’t have the specific resource or […]

CMS upgrade leaderboard

Here is the leaderboard showing all the Local Age UK’s who have published on the upgraded CMS, and the date they went live. Where will you come? Local partner Date of publishing Position Age UK Faversham and Sittingbourne 8 August 2018 155 Age Scotland Orkney 31 July 2018 154 Age UK Norfolk 31 July 2018 153 […]

Episerver 10 guides

The content management system (CMS) is being upgraded in 2017. These guides, covering a range of topics, explain how to use the new CMS. Please note these instructions only apply to the NEW Episerver. If you prefer video guides, you can find video guides here. These guides are updated regularly, so please visit this page […]

Upgraded CMS training videos

Here is a set of short training videos for the upgraded CMS. Each video shows a different feature or function of the CMS. They contain sound. The resolution of the videos are clearer in a smaller size. Please bear this in mind if you decide to watch in full screen mode. If you prefer to […]

Rationalising your content

For the upgrade to the Age UK Episerver CMS, we have created a template website for every partner, which you can use as the basis for your upgraded website. If you’re not sure how to start reviewing and rationalising your content for the new CMS, this short video (less than two minutes) shows you a […]


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