CMS upgrade

User personas

We have researched the users of the local website and developed a series of  User personas. A user persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. A persona incorporates the needs, goals, and observed behaviour patterns of your target audience.  We have the first two below as PDF downloads, which you can print off […]

Google docs and Google Hangouts

Having a Google account allows you to access really useful tools and features.  Why Google accounts? How do I get a Google account? Google Drive and Docs Useful links   1. Why Google accounts? When you have a Google account, you have access to lots of useful features. These include: Google Analytics – provides free […]

Website upgrade 2018 – Latest updates

#UPDATED 6/7/2018 151 partners are now published on the upgraded content management system (CMS). Age UK Dorchester was the first, see the leaderboard of the other published partners. The CMS content deadline is nearly upon us, with the final deadline of the 31st May. But never fear as those that haven’t completed the upgrade in time […]

Responsive content – why is it important?

71% of British consumers own a smartphone so making sure that your site is optimised for mobile devices is more important than ever. The CMS upgrade in 2017 will provide you with a completely mobile-responsive site. Find out more about the 2017 CMS upgrade

Using Google Ad Grants

Google Grants are available to members of Google’s Non-profit programme. Find out more about Google Ads and how your organisation could benefit from over £6,000 a month in free advertising with Google Grants.

CMS development release

The latest CMS development release will be deployed to the live brand partner websites at 7.30pm on 11 December 2019. This release contains a number of bug fixes as well as some new improvements to the CMS that will make editing your website much easier. Here are the main improvements that  will affect you: Release: […]


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