We work with a variety of organisations that can help to support the digital needs of the network.

Below we list organisations that can supply paid for services for partners. This is not designed as a recommendation, and you do not have to use these providers; however if you don’t have the specific resource or skillset available in your organisation these may help fill that gap. We do not accept any responsibility for the quality of work delivered by such organisation nor any liability for any default on their part. We will add more as we encounter them.

Where possible we have discussed with them their offering whether it be for specific projects or areas e.g. the upgrade or migration.

Emma Doyle – web developer and communications consultant

tel: 07773 767754
email: emma@emmadoyle.co.uk

Emma Doyle is a web developer and communications consultant with extensive experience in the charity sector. Working with the Age UK National Network Digital Team, Emma has supported the rollout of the content management system upgrade, as well as providing guidance and support to 150+ brand partners.

Emma has been commissioned by specific brand partners including Age UK Barnet to build and launch their upgraded site.

Prior to this Emma worked with Age UK Camden managing their communications strategy, as well as guiding them through the upgrade process.

Emma  provides:

  • CMS upgrade consultancy
  • Day to day content updates
  • CMS training
Inspiraweb Ltd

Tel: 01642 918760
Mobile: 07977 468505

Inspiraweb have worked with several Brand Partners on the Episerver Rationalisation and upgrade project enabling them to achieve the January deadline for launch of their website.

Prior to this Inspiraweb worked with a variety of partners on the Brand Partner Refresh – Phase 2 Migration in 2016 and have developed a package for the technical side of the CMS upgrade. They also offer bespoke rationalisation quotes