Social media

Chatbot and virtual assistants

Age UK national website has a virtual assistant which can answer specific Information and Advice questions that your users may have. There are various options for the network to use similar technology on your own local websites.  These are not supplied by Age UK so some will have a cost associated. Creative Virtual The Age […]

Facebook donate

Facebook Donate is a fantastic way to encourage more of your follows to fundraise for your charity in a number of a different ways – through fundraising pages, donating via pages or donating via posts. There are a number of criteria needed in order to set up your Facebook Page for Facebook Donate. How do […]

Partners Merging or Leaving the Network

If Brand Partners merge or are in the position of leaving the network, there are various issues that will need to be addressed in terms of websites or social media.  These issues would only need to be addressed after any official decision has been reached with partnership affairs. Mergers Guidance Closures Guidance Mergers Website If […]

Merging or Closing down Twitter Accounts

Merging two Twitter Accounts to create one Account. On Twitter the best option is to pick the most popular Twitter profile and begin to use that as the new Twitter account. Steps for this are: Identify the most popular Twitter Account. Re-name this as Age UK XXX. Place a holding message on the now defunct […]

Merging or Closing down Facebook accounts

There are two options partners can explore on Facebook when merging. In both cases, new Facebook profile images and cover photos will need to be created, Partner Marketing can help with this. This needs to be completed before either of the below options are undertaken so as to make the process as clear as possible. […]

Your social media strategy

Want to start using social media but aren’t sure about where to start? It’s important to develop a social media strategy in order to plan how and why you will use social media. This guide will give you some ideas for developing a social media strategy. Planning your strategy Once you have decided to get started on […]

Writing for social media and handling negative comments

Don’t just put any content on your social media – read our tips to help you post the best possible content for your audience and to know how best to respond to negative comments if you get them. Top tips for writing for social media Responding to negative comments and criticism   1. Top tips for […]

Measuring your social media impact

It can be difficult to know whether your work on social media is making a difference, so it’s important to know what to measure and how. Metrics you should measure Using Google Analytics to measure traffic from social media Using Bitly to measure clicks on links Using sentiment to measure positive and negative engagements   […]

Brief guide to Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a useful tool for your social media. Find out more here. What is Hootsuite? Scheduling posts in Hootsuite Using Hootsuite for social listening Further resources you may find helpful   1.    What is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a social media management tool. It lets you manage multiple social media profiles from one screen, set […]

Brief guide to Facebook

If you’re thinking of setting up a Facebook page for your Age UK, read this brief guide to find out some useful information.  What is Facebook? Who uses Facebook? Key things you need to know Further resources you may find helpful 1.    What is Facebook? Facebook is a social networking site where users can find […]


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