Brand Partner Portal – FAQ’s

Please note this information was correct at the time it was publish (October 2021)

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How do I add bullet points in the portal?

Unlike a Word document, you can’t choose a bullet point formatting. Within the Portal, you options are to use the below.

  1. You can use the shortcut [Ctrl-Shift-L] within the portal.
  2.  Paste you content in a Word Document, using the bullet point formatting tool. Then Copy the Text back into the portal.
How many users can we have on the portal?

You can have as many as required. From the main user gaining access, they can invite multiple users to also get access. However, we recommend for you to have a small group who regular update the data.

What sprint am I in?

After you get your first login access, you will be prompted to pick from the available Sprints. Porta.Access team will then confirm the sprint you are in. If this changes, we will communication updates promptly.

Is the portal different to my website?

Yes, the portal is different to your website. However, it integrates the data you enter into your website’s Services, Activities & Events and Shops pages. The portal is a different piece of software to the EPiServer Content Management system, however it integrates the data you enter into your website’s to update the Services, Activities & Events and Shops pages.

Can we add images, videos, and other media?

With every entry within the portal, you have the functionality to insert the URL of an image which will then display when viewing the entry on a webpage. You can also add external media links such as PDF’s and Video which will open in another tab/window to display the content.

Can we host virtual events via the portal?

You can use the portal to add a virtual event to your Activities & Events section. On this, you include the link for people to either register or join the event with. You select online/virtual event and it will be displayed as such.

Will my URLs/Web Addresses change?

The main Services, Activities & Events and Shops pages URL will remain the same e.g. However, the individual service pages entries that will populate those pages will have a unique URL which combines the current URL with a portal ID. E.g.

How does the filtering work with my data?

As you input the data in the portal, you will be prompted to select categories for your Locations, Services, Activities & Events and Community Signposts. The portal uses this to sort out each entry according to the user’s set filtering condition.

What if I don’t have any shops?

If you don’t have shops, you don’t have to action anything for this. That section will remain empty, and we will not add a shops tab on your website. If this changes, please let us know and we will work with you to add this section.

What if I don’t run any Events & Activities?

If you have coffee morning that’s an activity, if you have an activity that happened at a specific place and time that member of the public attend you have an event. You might not think some of your services are, but when you rationalise the data on your website, you should have a few activities or events to put into the portal.

How does the portal specify catchment area if a non-catchment BP is closer?

On the national site the filter will list the recommended Local Age UK services you are in followed by other Age UKs that are near you.

On your local sites only that Local Age UK services and events and shops will appear.

You can select the fees to attend for those inside and outside of your catchment area if relevant

Will there be future developments on any more changes to the portal?

One of the main reasons for the portal is the potential it holds to allow for future developments that aids the objectives of the wider Age UK network. As you use the portal for its main use of connecting your LD to the national site for wider visibility, we are working on more functionalities.


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