CQS Content Pack

On this page you will find content you can use on your website for the new Charity Quality Standard if you have been awarded CQS status. If you have upgraded and are using the new CMS, please use these content packs The content is already generated for you in GLOBAL blocks in your GLOBAL folder […]

DEC Myanmar appeal

On this page you will find content you can use on your website for the DEC Myanmar appeal. Campaign starts: Wednesday,  4 October 2017 Campaign ends:  Wednesday, 18 October  2017 Please remove all content by 19 October 2017. I am still using the existing CMS and need the content packs for that I have upgraded […]

Data protection guidelines

If you need advice about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have lots of useful guidance and resources on The Loop. If you are a brand partner this link may work better for you Any new enquiries should be directed to the mail box. There is also a email for data queries Privacy […]

The Big Knit 2018

The Big Knit 2018 content pack is here! For this campaign you have a news story, and then you can choose which element to put on your homepage. All the instructions are available here. Campaign starts: 1 October 2018 Campaign ends: 31 July 2019 News article page Instructions Please create a news article page with […]

Using Google Ad Grants

Google Grants are available to members of Google’s Non-profit programme. Find out more about Google Ads and how your organisation could benefit from over £6,000 a month in free advertising with Google Grants.


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