If you need advice about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have lots of useful guidance and resources on The Loop.

If you are a brand partner this link may work better for you

Any new enquiries should be directed to the GDPR.enquiries@ageuk.org.uk mail box.

There is also a datagovernance@ageuk.org.uk email for data queries

Privacy Policy

We have created a guide to what your privacy policy could look like. Please check the loop  for more details.

Cookie Complaince Banner

Age UK has provided a cookie alert functionality and statement to meet GDPR regulations, however the legislation has recently been updated and the bar has been raised in relation to consent and this is no longer fully GDPR / PECR compliant.

Changes therefore need to be made to our shared website platform to ensure that all our websites are fully compliant. This is a complex process and we have brought together subject matter experts from across Age UK to work on this.

We have identified a solution and would like to test this with as many partners as possible to ensure it will work effectively on your local sites. If you would like to be involved in testing a possible approach with us, please contact the Partner Content team at: Partner.Content@ageuk.org.uk.

Managing the risk

The cookies used on websites have different purposes. The two we are focusing on are:

  • Performance cookies – these collect information about how visitors use a website. We use Google Analytics where behavioural information about website visitors is collected.
  • Advertising and social media cookies – such as AdTech and Facebook, used for advertising on your site.

The regulatory compliance risk is greater for advertising and social media cookies. The simplest way to manage the compliance risk is to remove such cookies until a suitable solution can be found

Third Party cookie compliance banner

Age UK is investigating a solution for any of the above listed cookies that are set at domain level. You may however have added your own advertising or social media cookies to your local site as part of your marketing activity / through providing links to social media and be able to remove those yourself.

This is something we have previously done for Age UK’s own website where we ceased using such cookies for a period of time whilst we put a new cookie panel solution in place.

External cookie compliance solutions

Age UK is working to find a single solution for the whole network that it can support, maintain and provide a consistent look and feel.

If you want to find your own solution, you can do this and Partner Content will be able to insert the relevant code supplied by the third party in your website. Please contact  Partner.Content@ageuk.org.uk with any code