Saving, publishing, previewing and removing content

If you are thinking of expiring or deleting a page you may need to consider some form of redirect otherwise it may result in a broken link. This may affect your ranking on google.

Also if you change the URL of the page that will also result in a broken link as above

The guide explains how to save changes to your content, preview your pages, publish blocks and pages, compare differences between previous versions of your pages, unpublish content and delete content on the Episerver 10 CMS. You can download the guide or watch the video.


The guide for unpublishing is here,

It can be found under tools


The guidance for redirect is here

Schedule for publishing

You can also set a block or page to publish in advance, you can use the ‘schedule for publishing’ feature

Avoiding broken links

So you have a few options here as to what to do for your removing pages. Assume you have a jobs page called foot-health-practitioner which expires at midnight on friday:

  1. Set the foot-health-practitioner job page to redirect to the jobs landing page, or create a general page (like a ‘thank you’ page, saying ‘this job has now expired please look at at our other available positions’ with a link back to your jobs landing page). This way the job will never be found, the user will just be diverted somewhere else. you can set one or both to go live on Friday night, using the schedule feature above. Remember under the page ‘All properties’ – ‘content’ to untick the ‘Display in navigation’ box, and under ‘search engines’ tab to tick ‘Apply NoIndex Meta Tag’, ‘Apply NoFollow Meta Tag’.
  2. Also you can just adjust the content blocks on the foot-health-practitioner page: this is a two-step process:
    1. Set the current content blocks on the foot-health-practitioner page that list the job information, to expire at midnight on Friday.
    2. Create another block on the foot-health-practitioner page with the messaging ‘this job has now expired’.  Set it to publish at midnight on Friday, as the other blocks expire, the content on that page expires.
    3. Make sure you then republish the foot-health-practitioner page BUT NOT THE BLOCKS, they will then swap at midnight on Friday

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