Welcome to the December 2016 edition of our monthly stats update for all our local partner sites.

This update covers statistics for 1st-31st December 2016.

Local platform reach

In December there were over 165,000 visits to the platform and over 127,000 visitors.
Busiest day: Wednesday 7th December, with 7,764 visitors to local partner sites.
Quietest day: Christmas day, with 1,060 visitors to local partner sites.

Top twenty partners in December 2016

Leading the top twenty this month are:

  1. Essex
  2. Lancashire
  3. Milton Keynes
  4. Leicestershire
  5. Nottinghamshire

Partner stats 2016

Biggest movers

  • Age UK Barnsley who moved from 118 to 80
  • Age UK Wigan Borough who moved from 91 to 65
  • Age UK Isle of Wight who moved from 81 to 60
  • Age UK Wandsworth who moved from 100 to 79
  • Age UK Devon who moved from 66 to 47

Social media

Top referrals from Facebook

These URLs shared on Facebook directed the most number of people towards local partner sites in December.

  • Age UK Wirral’s news story thanking Wirral University Teaching Hospital for their donation with 132 views from Facebook
  • Age UK Wigan’s job vacancies page with 128 views from Facebook
  • Age UK Essex’s Reindeer event with 123 views from Facebook
  • Age UK Norfolk’s home support service page with 88 views from Facebook
  • Age UK Exeter’s 10k race event page with 86 views from Facebook

Top Referrals from Twitter

These URLs shared on Twitter directed the most number of people towards local partner sites in December.

  • Age UK Exeter’s events page with 30 views from Twitter
  • Age UK Blackpool’s jobs page with 27 views from Twitter
  • Age UK Derby and Derbyshire’s jobs page with 26 views from Twitter
  • Age Uk Calderdale and Kirklees Christmas events page with 25 views from Twitter

Glossary of terms

  • user: a visitor to your site
  • sessions: each visit an individual makes to your site
  • page views: number of pages viewed by all visitors
  • referrals: a link that refers users from one site to another (for example, a link on a facebook page to your website)