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Welcome to the March edition of our monthly stats update for all our local partner sites.

This update covers statistics for 1-31 March 2015.

Local platform reach

In March there were over 221,000 visits to the platform and over 167,000 visitors.


Local partner rankings

Top ten


Biggest movers

  1. Age UK Mid Devon, who moved up 36 places to 116.
  2. Age UK Dudley, who moved up 35 places to 16.
  3. Age UK Salford, who moved up 24 places to 60.
  4. Age UK Wiltshire, who moved up 22 places to 24.
  5. Age UK Devon, who moved up 21 places to 72.

Top referrers from Facebook

These partners have had the most referrals from Facebook to their websites this month. Check out their Facebook pages to see how great content encourages visitors to click through to the websites.

  1. Age UK Wiltshire, with 575 referrals.
  2. Age UK Exeter, with 280 referrals.
  3. Age UK Essex, with 177 referrals.
  4. Age UK Devon, with 113 referrals.
  5. Age UK Folkestone, with 100 referrals.

Note: statistics for other social media sites, including Twitter, are not available.

Glossary of terms

  • unique visitors: first visit an individual makes to your site
  • visits: each visit an individual makes to your site
  • page views: number of pages viewed by all visitors
  • referrals: a link that refers users from one site to another (for example, a link on a facebook page to your website)