Merging two Twitter Accounts to create one Account.

On Twitter the best option is to pick the most popular Twitter profile and begin to use that as the new Twitter account.

Steps for this are:

  • Identify the most popular Twitter Account.
  • Re-name this as Age UK XXX.
  • Place a holding message on the now defunct page along the lines of “Age UK XXX has now merged with Age UK XXX and become Age UK XXX. To keep following your local Age UK please follow @AgeUKXXX”
  • Allow all necessary people to have access to both pages. This will help moderation in the case of comments and questions from people unsure of what is happening.

NB Verified Accounts will lose their blue tick if they change their handle.

Closing your Twitter Account

When deactivated, your Twitter account, including your display name, username, and public profile, will no longer be viewable on, Twitter for iOS, and Twitter for Android.
For up to 30 days after deactivation it is still possible to restore your Twitter account if it was accidentally or wrongfully deactivated.

  • Click on Settings and privacy from the drop-down menu under your profile icon.
  • From the Account tab, click on Deactivate your account at the bottom of the page.
  • Read the account deactivation information, then click Deactivate @username.
  • Enter your password when prompted and confirm that you want to proceed by clicking the Deactivate account button.