Creating a content calendar

Creating a content calendar can help you plan your digital communications in advance, allowing you to maintain a consistent presence, particularly on social media. Used alongside an application like Hootsuite it also means that you can schedule posts in advance, useful if you work part-time or term-time only.

eNewsletters: dos and don’ts

Once you’ve decided what you want your eNewsletter to include and who you want to send it to you can start putting it together. Here are some top tips.

eNewsletters: getting started

Taking the time to decide on the basics of your eNewsletter will save you time in the future. Here’s how to get started.

Should you have an eNewsletter?

Email marketing is an effective way of directly contacting your supporters. Find out how eNewsletters can have the edge over social media.

Creating a strong ‘About Us’ page

Your ‘About Us’ page is one of the most important on your website. People come to it because they’re interested in learning more about who you are and what you do. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Creating Engaging Fundraising Pages

Forty-seven per cent of local Age UKs have fundraising pages, encouraging visitors to sign up for a challenge or arrange an event to raise money for their local community. Find out what kind of content you could include on your fundraising page.

Copying and pasting from Word – why not?

Word Processors like Microsoft Word are really useful when you’re creating content for your website, but why shouldn’t you copy and paste from Word into Episerver?


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